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Fish Oil from Life's Abundance is 100's
of times more pure and twice as potent as health food grade fish oils.

Life's Abundance Fish Oil
Higher Quality - Less Expensive

Life's Abundance Fish Oil proves that not all fish oils are created equal! It is high potency and ultra pure with a content of over 60% long chain omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Life's Abundance Ultra Refined Fish Oil works by helping create an optimal balance of eicosanoids in the body. Eicosanoids assist the body in maintaining almost all functions including the heart, immune system and brain. Consuming Life's Abundance Fish Oil helps increase good eicosanoids. Daily supplementation helps insure your body is working optimally.*

Four Life's Abundance Ultra Refined Fish Oil capsules contain 1600 mg. of EPA and 800 mg. of DHA. Compare the cost per 1000 mg. of Omega-3's (DHA/EPA) and you will find Life's Abundance Fish Oil not only a best buy, but also pure and refined of dangerous toxins like PCB's, dioxin and flame retardant chemicals.

Choosing Life's Abundance Fish Oil means you are choosing fish oil that is significantly more pure and double the potency of the typical health-grade fish oil you find at health food stores and supermarkets. Each capsule contains 600 mg. long-chain omega-3 fatty acids - double what is found in health-food grade fish oil capsules. Furthermore, dangerous toxins such as PCBs and dioxin have been removed from Life's Abundance Fish Oil making it so refined and pure that it contains significantly less PCBs than other brands. And because it so pure, very few people experience gastric upsets which are common with other health-grade fish oils.*

Compare Life's Abundance with other forms of fish oil such as cod liver oil and health food grade fish oils. Cod liver oil is the lowest quality fish oil and high-doses are not recommended because of high levels of contaminants and Vitamin A. Health food grade fish oils are somewhat better, but, have lower potency and contain a variety of contaminants. Also, some of the higher grade health-food grade fish oils have been subjected to a fractional cooling method which does not remove PCBs and long-chain monoene fatty acids which cause gastric upset. Life's Abundance Fish Oil goes through painstaking processes to refine and purify it and is then submitted for critical analysis and certification by the IFOS (International Fish Oil Standard). The result is a high potency, ultra-refined fish oil that delivers twice the EPA and DHA as other fish oil brands. You can't find a higher quality fish oil on the market today!*

Life's Abundance sets the highest standards for Life's Abundance Fish Oil by using third-part monitoring by the International Fish Oil Standards Program (IFOS) which tests with the strictest standards for fish oil in the world. Check to see if your fish oil is posted on the IFOS website. The quality of fish oil found in Life's Abundance Fish Oil just cannot be found in any supermarket, health food store and drugstore or from direct mail companies. Every batch is tested to insure it complies with the strict standards in the World.

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Life's Abundance Fish Oil Liquid
8 Fl Oz Bottle
(45 day supply)

Retail $65.95 - Autoship $57.95

The suggested usage of one teaspoon per day contains 2700 mg of long chain omega-3 fatty acids including 1800 mg of EPA and 900 mg of DHA

Life's Abundance Fish Oil Capsules
120 Capsules - 1000mg
(30 day supply)

Retail $44.95 - Autoship $37.69

The suggested usage of 4 capsules per day contains 2400 mg of long chain omega-3 fatty acids including 1600 mg of EPA and 800 mg of DHA


Save by placing your order with our autoship program. You can set the length of time between shipments for 2 - 17 weeks. You can cancel or modify your autoshipment at any time by email or by calling our toll free phone number.


We recommend four capsules or one teaspoon of liquid per day of Life's Abundance Fish Oil . This supplies about 2.5 grams of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. Life's Abundance Fish Oil liquid should be stored in the freezer. It will stay liquid because it is so pure. Capsules should be stored in a dry location and kept between 59 and 75 degrees.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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