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Life's Abundance Fish Oil is "Ultra Refined".

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Is your fish oil really ultra refined?

One of the most frustrating realities of the supplement industry is the lack of any credibility in the products. This is likely a key reason government regulators are so strict regarding the way companies promote their products. 

Using the phase "Ultra Refined" means adhering to strict quality control standards never before reached with fish oils. However, virtually every supplement manufacturer has started saying their fish oils are "ultra-refined." The wide-spread unsupported use of this term resulted in diminishing the essence of the phrase and increasing regulators interest in it. 

Life's Abundance fish oil is a true "Ultra Refined" fish oil. Fish Oil concentrates is used to describe Life's Abundance fish oil.  Unfortunately, our oceans are polluted and as a result, the fish used for oil contain toxins. That's why it is necessary to ultra refine fish oil to remove these toxins. That is why Life's Abundance fish oil is manufactured to such strict standards of purity. 

Every batch is tested by an independent third party called the International Fish Oil Standards program (IFOS). The IFOS is under the direction of Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc., (NDI), the world leader in omega-3 diagnostic care and international fish oil standards testing. Life's Abundance fish oil is tested to make sure each batch adheres to the highest standards for concentration, purity and safety and stability. This testing is expensive, however it is our commitment to our customers to set the highest standards for fish oils. 

Buyer Beware!

If you or someone you know is using a fish oil that is not tested by an independent laboratory for concentration, purity and stability, it's buyer beware. Ask the manufacturer of that fish oil what it is trying to hide. It's one thing to print ultra-refined on a label, it's quite another to actually make a truly "ultra refined" fish oil.

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